"The photographer and artist Maria L. Felixmüller, a former student of Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig and now living  in Leipzig, conceived this project in collaboration with Paul Bowler, born in Munich and student of the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. The photobook GLORY DAYS is a classic picture book in the form of a glossy magazine.

Although the book was nominated for the dummy award of the 6th Kassel Photobook Fair, among almost 500 entries, the attempt to finance the book was without success. They decided to finance the book using crowdfunding. 
The Crowdfunding took place between late November and mid-January. € 4,500 was collected to cover 60% of production costs. The rest have brought together the artist and the graphic designer themselves. 

The images show the random encounters with objects and collected fragments of everyday life. Deliberately avoiding post production, they subsequently correspond to the photographic language of both street photography and the classical rules of the still life."


Glory Days

By: Maria Felix Mulleller

From: Self Published

Soft Cover

Size: Medium

More on the Work: http://www.mariafelixmueller.de/

Where to Purchase: http://www.mariafelixmueller.de/