Mattia Vacca beautifully documents the Carnival of Schignano, a mask wearing affair where there are no rules. Taking place between the start of December and Shrove Tuesday villagers equip themselves with costumes and take part in a lengthy parade.

'The parade, full of allegories and symbols, depicts the farewell of the men, who have to leave village one again towards their migrant destiny. The Carnival of Schignano, in fact, sinks its roots in the past, common to many villages of the region, when the men used to leave their homes and families for nine months a year. They only took an empty suitcase with them, with the hope to be able to fill it up for the day of their return back home. The end of the Carnival thus enacts the departure of the men and the solitude of the women. A spontaneous festival, anarchical, with no rules nor written laws, that continues to live only thanks to the people’s spirit and to the artisans who cave the characteristic wooden masks.'



Winters Tale

By: Mattia Vacca

From: Self Published


Size: Medium

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